Final Arena Qualifier – Rallying Cry

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UPDATE: Due to the results of Cup #5, there is 1 spot up for grabs in the event - Sign up now for your last chance to qualify for this year's Regional Finals!
Heroes of Azeroth,
Following four Blizzard Qualifier Cups, two GCDTV Clashes, and one Method Major, 10 teams have proven their skills and earned points towards this year’s Regional Finals, taking place August 23-26 in Germany. However, with only one cup remaining, there are still spots up for grabs.
Now, we proudly present the Rallying Cry!
This event will be Blizzard’s 6th European Arena qualifier of the year. Signups will open Sunday, July 23, following the conclusion of Arena Qualifier #5. 
Please note that this event will only be held if 12 teams have not already obtained points at the end of Arena Cup #5.

Rallying Cry will follow the same ruleset as other Blizzard Qualifier Cups, with the only differences being who can participate and the prizes offered.

  • This tournament will only be open to teams with no points earned in the 2017 European qualifier series
  • The prize pool consists of points only 
  • 1 point for 1st place
  • Signups close Wednesday, July 26 at 23:59 CEST
Live brackets will take place Friday, July 28, starting at 18:00 CEST, and continue Sunday, July 30 from 17:00 CEST for the final series if required. The tournament will use a double-elimination format with open signups for teams without points.
One last chance—it’s time to rise up and heed the Rallying Cry!