Qualifiers: Player Handbook & Seeding Information

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World of Warcraft Arena Europe Online Qualifiers
Player Handbook 2017

Players must have authorized access to a World of Warcraft account that is in good standing and has been upgraded with the “The Burning Crusade,” “Wrath of the Lich King,” “Cataclysm,” “Mists of Pandaria,” “Warlords of Draenor” and "Legion" expansions to World of Warcraft upon the commencement date of the tournament, and which remains in good standing throughout the tournament. All players must meet the stated rating requirement to be eligible to participate, and ensure their battle.net contact information is accurate and up-to date. 

Team and Character Names 

  • Team names must not be longer than 15 characters, spaces included.
  • Team names must not contain profanity, the names of people not on the team, or the names of any group at odds with Blizzard.  
  • Blizzard may reject team names and request renames. If renames are not acceptable, Blizzard may assign a team name to the team. 
  • Character names must not contain profanity, the names of people not on the team, or the names of any group at odds with Blizzard.  
  • Blizzard may flag characters for a free rename for any reason. If renames are not acceptable, Blizzard may assign new character names to characters.  

Tournament Format: The World of Warcraft Arena Europe Online Qualifiers will be multiple Double Elimination Tournaments. 
Team roster shall be a maximum of four players and a minimum of three players. It is not necessary for all members of a four player team to have played in a tournament match in order for all four to advance to Regionals. Players will be competing on their own characters on live servers. Players are required to be able to form an eligible 3v3 team, meaning they each need a character on the same faction.

Seeding for Europe Qualification Cups will be calculated as follows:

  • Ladder snapshot taken at the time confirmation close on Starladder website (This will be the Sunday before the respective tournament at 23.59 CEST)
  • A team's rating will be calculated by taking the average of the 3 highest rated players on the roster based on the characters registered on StarLadder.
  • Rosters for a given Qualifier Cup are locked at the time of Confirmation close on the StarLadder website (This occurs the Sunday before the respective tournament at 23:59 CEST).

Players should ensure their highest rated character is listed on the StarLadder website at the time of confirmation closing: you can play any character on the registered battle.net account during the tournament. A players character can be changed by updating the Armory link in the WoW discipline.

Double Elimination Bracket: 

  • The tournament shall proceed as a Double Elimination tournament 
  • All games shall be best 3 of 5 series 
  • Each game will last a maximum of twenty-five (25) minutes. 
  • If no team has a clear lead after twenty-five (25) minutes, as determined by an admin (i.e. three players vs two players), the winner of that game in the series will be determined by total damage done as displayed on the Tournament Commentator User Interface. 

Map Pool: 
Here are the maps that are available for play: 

  • Nagrand Arena (Always the first map of the match) 
  • Blade’s Edge Arena 
  • Ruins of Lordaeron 
  • Dalaran Arena 
  • Tol’viron Arena 
  • Tiger’s Peak
  • Black Rook Hold
  • Ashamane's Fall     

Map Selection and Substitution Procedure  
Team compositions must not have:  

  • More than one healer 
  • More than one tank 
  • With the exception of the above, there are no other restrictions to team compositions.  
  • Each team will declare a team captain. 
  • The first map will always be Nagrand Arena.
  • If available, the admin/observer/shoutcaster will create the games and invite each team to join. 
  • Starting Comps can be altered between rounds, using the method outlined below in “First Game of a Series”. 

First Game of a Series 

  • Depending on Admin availability, one starting game method will be set for the tournament:
    • In the event an admin is not available to invite each team to a Wargame, teams will need to Wargame themselves using the in game options shown here: 

Note: Teams must have Tournament Rules checked

  • If teams are competing on different servers, captains will then need to add each other’s Battletag. 

Once each captain is added, the higher ranked/seeded team will then challenge the opposing team to a Wargame by typing this command in chat: 

/wg GroupleaderBattletag Mapname 5

  • Note: Both the challenging and receiving player must have party lead for this command to work. If teams aren’t receiving a wargame request, all players from each team should completely exit the game and reform each party. If the issue persists, get in contact with an admin.
  • If an Admin is available, they will invite both teams to a spectated wargame.
  • Each team will declare a starting composition to the Tournament Admin.
  • In the event a Tournament Admin is not available, the higher ranked or seeded team will start the Wargame.
  • This is a blind pick, and shall not be revealed to the opposing team before the match.   

Second and subsequent Games of a Series 

  • After the end of each game, the following order of events will occur in in-game chat.  
  • Chat shall be set to show timestamps, and the below conversation must be screenshotted in-game for potential dispute resolution. Chat logs will not be accepted. This process must take no more than 5 minutes. 
  • The losing team of each game will select the next map from the Map Pool of non-played map.
  • Following this selection, the winning team will declare and lock in their composition.     
  • Following the winning team’s lock-in, the losing team will declare and lock in their composition. 
  • These actions will be announced in chat to either to a tournament Admin or the Captain of the opposing team by the Team Captain following this script: 
  1. Losing Team Captain: “[Losing Team Name]’s map selection is [map]” 
  2. Winning Team Captain: “[map] confirmed” 
  3. Winning Team Captain: “[Winning Team Name]’s comp is [class/spec, class/spec, class/spec]” 
  4. Losing Team Captain: “[class/spec, class/spec, class/spec] confirmed” 
  5. Losing Team Captain: “[Losing Team Name]’s comp is [class/spec, class/spec, class/spec]” 
  6. Winning Team Captain: “[class/spec, class/spec, class/spec] confirmed” 
  • Following this conversation the next match must be started within 5 minutes. 
  • Maps in a match series cannot be played twice until every map has been played once. 


  • The “Busy” setting in Battle.net is required to be active. 
  • Tournament gear is no longer required.
  • Players repeatedly contravening Admin requests may be penalized.  
  • The Tournament Mode requirement shall be active for all matches 
  • Should the match not be started by an admin or spectator, the team not starting the match can check that Tournament Mode is active by chec  
    • This should be screenshotted in-game for potential dispute resolution. 
  • Players are required to turn their in-game timestamps on (Option “15:27:32”) to be capable of providing accurate proof when taking screenshots of Game results as well as Map and Composition selections. 
    • To turn Timestamps on, first go to the Game Menu, Interface, Social and click on the Chat Timestamps drop down box. Choose the option “15:27:32”.

  • The background of the chatbox of each screenshot must be completely transparent.
  • To make your chatbox transparent, right click on the chat channel and click on background. 
    • Then drag the opacity dial all the way down.

Match Rules 

  • Teams may be required to provide screenshots of each game to prove the results of any series and Map and composition selections by each team.  
    • Screenshots of game results must include a chat log of the following information: 
      “X team vs Y team - Game Z - [DATE]”  
      X=Team 1 name, Y=Team 2 name, and Z=the game played.

  • Players may only play on characters on the Battle net account they’ve listed in when signing up. 
  • Players are required to be online, grouped, and ready to compete at the start of the specified time. Once prepared, the Team Captain must notify a tournament admin or opposing team leader as applicable. 
    • Teams will have a total of 30 minutes after the event starts to ready themselves or forfeit the first match.
  • In the event that a team cannot compete at the scheduled time, the admin will commence a waiting period of 5 minutes after the start time of their first game.  
    • If the team is still unable to compete after the 5-minute waiting period has elapsed, they will forfeit the first game.  
    • If the team is still unable to compete, the admin will commence a second 5-minute waiting period. If, after that second 5-minute waiting period, the team is still unavailable they will forfeit the second match.  
      • Should the series be a Best of 3, forfeiting the second match will forfeit the series.
      • Should the series be a Best of 5 or Best of 7, the admin will commence subsequent 5-minute waiting periods until matches have been forfeited that would forfeit the series. 
  • The total allowed delay for a Best of 3 is 10 minutes. A best of 5 will have 15 minutes of allowed delay, and a best of 7 will have 20 minutes of allowed delay. This delay is additional to the 5 minutes allocated for comp and map picks. 
  • All matches will be played on the World of Warcraft: Legion server determined by the tournament organizer 
  • During the game, players may not use chat except for a greeting, closing, and disconnects or other issues. 
  • Players who intentionally quit a Game after the doors have opened will concede the Game. 
  • If players enter a match and notice that the Tournament Mode buff is not present, they can immediately leave the match.  
  • Players experiencing connection or other issues should leave before the doors open. 
  • In the case of a technical issue, the tournament organizer may restart the game from the beginning at their discretion. 
  • In order to dispute any Game issue, Players must notify the admin immediately.  Once the next game has started, players may not protest results.  The tournament administration may investigate past results at their discretion. 
  • Players may not use known bugs in the tournament matches, as determined by the tournament administration.  
  • Players may use any macro they wish as long as: 
  • For the online qualifier cups players may use any add-on or macro they wish as long as it does not automatically activate or trigger abilities for the player.
  • Most common add-ons are allowed.

Match Offenses 

  • If a Player does not follow any of the rules listed above, the player may receive a warning at the discretion of the tournament organizer 
  • If a Player causes a delay beyond the designated exceptions, the player will receive a warning 
  • Player misconduct as defined in the player responsibilities will receive a warning at the discretion of the organizer 
  • The first misconduct warning will carry over throughout the current season 
  • In a single competition day, if a Player receives 
    • two (2) warnings will forfeit the next Game 
    • three (3) warnings will forfeit the next match 
    • four (4) warnings will cause a disqualification from the current tournament 
  • Players may request the status of their total warnings from the organizer.